BELEAF is the future of health and wellness


Beleaf Group of Companies ( “BLG” or the “Company”) was incorporated in Alberta in October of 2019. It is a holding company that owns three separate operating entities.

  • Beleaf Pharma Inc. located in Canada (Global headquarters)
  • Beleaf Pharma Ltd. located in Israel

By bringing to the market plant based herbal botanical products having developed by researching ancient medicine and combining it with the modern science of this century and distribution channels in 3 Global regions the company is positioned to become the leader in health and wellness.

Beleaf Pharma is an innovative manufacturing / distribution / marketing company that develops, manufactures and sells a range of plant-based, cosmetic and medicinal health products. All of them are based around plant extracts and secret formulations used in the ancient world – where medicine and wellness products were first developed. Reviving the Greco Arabic medicine , centuries of medicine …


To be the leaders and pioneers in the development and delivery of premier plant-based, medicinal products that are from the ancient world and are: (a) science- and market-validated, (b) tested and approved (c) to-be trademarked and patented where possible, (d) consumer ailment and health driven; and (e) provide robust aids to people’s health conditions . We will also maximize the return on every product through innovative and creative products.


Our vision is to create the global standard for plant-based medicinal products that are helpful, safe and reliable. Products that help people’s physical and emotional states by providing safe stimuli that work with the body and help the body heal itself. By doing so, to aid all buyers of BLG Products with their personal beauty, health and well-being.