Officers and Directors

Mr. Metanis is a global construction and business executive who has been developing businesses for the last twenty years. He has been working on BLG since 2018.

Eyman has been involved in building and running many successful international businesses since 2008. Eyman has spent the majority of the last decade growing his companies into successful ventures.

A distinguished businessman with extensive experience, he has won a successful and prestigious position in building and operating many international companies since 2008. Eyman has used his management experience, as well as his knowledge in the field of medicine and health, to push the Company forward in terms of its commercial and scientific development with a focus on “changing the world” and bringing to customers the magic of the products from Beleaf Pharma.

Eyman is a creative force, but also has a keen sense for business and economic reality. He has tried to balance throughout his career his medical knowledge elements of helping people as well as the need to have BLG deliver revenues and earnings. Furthermore, he has a broad base of experience working within the medical field – as a registered nurse – and understands the complexities of bringing medicinal botanicals to the market. His experience within hospitals and medical facilities – and the need for alternatives to traditional medications and treatments – has been a driving force in creating BLG as a means of turning to the past (using the Earth’s own ingredients) into useful medicinal products today – that are pure and natural. He has been working on the creative elements of the business now for more than three years.

Besides holding his Master’s Degree in public health management, and also possesses great knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Dr. Omar Said, PhD Pharmacologist, Senior Researcher of Arab Herbal Medicine, Antaki Center for Herbal Medicine Ltd, Kufur Kanna and the Galilee Society R&D Center, Israel.
Dr. Said is the Chief Research Officer of BLL.

From January 1995 to December 2010 he worked at the Galilee Society Research and Development Center as the Director of Medicinal Plant Pharmacology. Dr. Said, PhD, has been a Director of the Antaki Center for Herbal Medicine, Israel. He has served as the head of the Arab medicinal plant project in the Galilee, Israel. He is a doctor of pharmacology. As an expert in the fields of pharmacology and ethnopharmacology, he has made significant contributions in combining this modern science with the medicinal plants tradition. His research interests include diabetes, obesity, fertility, psoriasis, hyperlipidemia, and liver diseases.

He has written more than thirty-five original papers as well as review articles and book chapters on Arab-Islamic herbal medicine. Overall, a review of plant medicines shows that Dr. Said is a pioneer and an expert in the field of Greco-Arab medicine and herbal medicine pharmacology. He has published a well-regarded wellness book “GRECO-ARAB AND ISLAMIC HERBAL MEDICINE TRADITIONAL SYSTEM, ETHICS, SAFETY, EFFICACY, AND REGULATORY ISSUES” along with Dr. Bashar Saad, PhD, Professor of Cell Biology and Immunology, Arab American University, Jenin, Palestine, and Qasemi Research Center, Al-Qasemi Academic College, Israel.
From October 1990 to June 1993 Dr. Said studied at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology within the pharmacology area of study. From October 1987 to June 1989 he studied at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology within the area of Medical Science – Pharmacology. From October 1981 to June 1985 he studied at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in the study area of Biochemistry.

Dr. Omar has published numerous other scientific publications in pharmacology and other fields, and is a recognized expert on the translation of ancient manuscripts. Dr. Omar holds a Doctor of Science degree in Pharmacology.

Mr. Lavoie has over fifteen years of sales and management experience. He joined BLG in 2018 as the Chief Operating Officer. He has played an important role in every aspect of building BLG to-date. He oversees international operations, supply chain management, and product design to licensing, legal, and marketing. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Mr. Lavoie has experience in all facets of product development and marketing of health products. From running operations to managing major accounts. He is a problem solver and self-starter that also understands how to build businesses and the challenges of securing new channels and reaching new customers.

Because of his years in the trenches in all aspects of production he has garnered the unique experience, knowledge, and relationships to create the infrastructure that BLG needs and does so with a focus on quality and costs. His strong sales and production background coupled with his unique ability to penetrate into new markets with the Products from Beleaf Pharma makes him a catalyst that provides a competitive edge to the Company.

Dr. Milanova has a successful currier in management, product development, manufacturing, marketing, and regulatory strengths with scientific research foundation.

Dr. Milanova was a manager of large interdisciplinary projects in the areas of pharmaceuticals, such as cancer, cardiovascular, immunosuppressive medicines, anti-infectious, steroids, antibiotics as well as nutraceuticals/ functional foods, food ingredients, natural products, and environmental technologies.

Dr. Milanova was involved in a team of professionals working in marketing and sales of a portfolio of antibiotics as well veterinary bulk drugs to North America. In recent time, Dr. Milanova is involved with the cutting-edge cannabinoid development projects (cannabinoids isolation and characterization, drug development/formulations, preclinical and clinical development, branding and manufacturing).

At PARI Biomedical LLC Dr. Milanova was involved in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs to emerging market countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Dr. Milanova has profound knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and business trends in increased revenue, increased process efficiencies, increased sales, improved record keeping processes and SOP writing.

Dr. Milanova earned her award-winning doctorate degree from Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada in 1995 and has been a senior officer and a board member of several public and private companies such as a Senior Vice-President Research and Development at Burcon Nutra-Sciences Co, Canada, a Vice-President Technology Development at Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. Canada and, a Director Research and Development at IGT Pharma Inc., Canada responsible for technology transfer, scale up and manufacturing and drug discovery and development in very broad range disease areas.

Dr. Milanova has been involved with generic drug manufacturing and marketing of the multibillion steroid intermediates AD and ADD with generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe and Mexico.
As entrepreneur, Director and senior manager, Dr. Milanova has been involved with the due diligence process for several licensing activities as well as technology transfer and commercialization and has been trained and awarded with cGMP certifications and assisted several auditing visits at Biovet, a large generic pharmaceutical manufacturer in Europe for production of steroid drugs.

Dr. Milanova has a wealth of experience and expertise to evaluate technologies as well to negotiate licensing and collaborations.

Dr. Milanova served for several years as a Board Director on companies, such as the multinational generic pharmaceutical company Biovet, Peshtera, Bulgaria as well as the POS Biosciences in Saskatoon, Canada and a Member of the Management Grant Approval Committee, Health Products & Functional Food Initiative (HPFFI), BC Science Council, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Advisory Board

Dr. Fulder is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of medicinal plants and indigenous medicine.

Dr. Fulder holds a degree in biochemistry from Oxford University and a doctorate on gerontology from the National Institute of Medical Research in London, England. Dr. Fulder. has written eleven books on herbs and has published many scientific papers.

Mr. Breznik has a long and impressive work history. From 2015 – 2021 he has been Private Business Advisor to many companies – his main activities and responsibilities has been as an advisor to companies related to pharmaceutical regulation, market access, sales and marketing, and business organizations. He has carried out work related to organization setup and optimization with preparation on GMP certification. In one case, he aided in the start-up of a company preparing to produce cannabis extracts and CBD. From 2002 – 2004 he was a Central Product Manager for GlaxoSmithKline . He was responsible for medical and marketing strategy for 25 markets and 5 top products (antibiotics and antimycotics) at the time representing 10% of company revenue.

Professor of cell biology and immunology at the Arab American University in Jenin, PA and acts as director of the Qasemi Research Center – Al Qasemi Academic College. His research interests include anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties of medicinal plants.

He is the author of the first academic book about Arab and Islamic herbal medicine published by John Wiley in 2011. He is a member of the editorial board of Evidence-based Alternative/Complementary Medicine.

Professor Iyad Khamaysi currently directs the Advanced Endoscopy Unit for the Department of Gastroenterology at the Rambam Health Care Campus.
Professor Khamaysi is an industry-leading instructor within the field of Gastroenterology. Professor Khamaysi is a member of numerous national and international medical societies. He also serves as a scientific consultant for numerous hospitals, medical centers, and medical start-up companies.