Headache and Migraine Relief (capsules)

Helps reduce and aids in the relief of headache and migraine pain by termination of the inflammatory condition of the swollen blood vessels in the lining of the brain.

Luuz (capsules)

A formula for women and men’s body weight reduction and anthropometric parameters improvements. In a controlled, randomized and double-blinded clinical study with 72 volunteers, LUUZ induced a reduction in body weight and anthropometric parameters as well improved skin elasticity and firmness following 12 weeks of treatment. Luuz also aided in reduced cholesterol and triglycerides blood levels. The product was shown to be most effective with women due to its unique herbal composition. Overall, no adverse effects were reported in the use of the product.

Anti-Cellulite (cream)

Aids in reducing cellulite. The cream penetrates deep into the skin layers and improves its elasticity and burns fats by increasing metabolism (stimulate IBAT respiration rate).

AWJAA - Joint Pain (cream)

Helps relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis including painful swelling and inflammation by normalizing the total immune response (immunomodulation) and inhibition of the release of substance P. Highly effective in reducing muscle pain.


Used for aiding in relief of hemorrhoids (stages I, II and III) & fissure by treating the haemorrhoidal symptoms of irritation, pain and itching, and aids in vein and relaxation, and aids in the swelling and tissue damage.

CLEAROL (cream)

Inducing skin brightening and reducing hyperpigmentation spots. Mainly acts as a Tyrosinase inhibitor and as an antioxidant. Projected to be one of the Top Three Selling Products.

RENU by BeLeaf (cream)

reducing dryness and wrinkles via moisturizing, tightening, renewing (collagen synthesis), soothing and protecting the skin. Projected to be one of the Top Three Selling Products.

BAGRID(S) (cream)

for moisturizing, tightening and reducing eye bags and fine lines under the eyes, by antiinflammation, anti-oxidation activity, as well as collagen synthesis (skin tightening) and thermogenesis (fat burning) enhancer. Projected to be one of the Top Three Selling Products.

SAMA (cream)

Exerts short-term relief in skin chafing and diaper rash eczema.

VARIDUCE (cream)

Helps reducing the appearance of varicose veins. The product works anti-inflammatory, and aids in tissue damage.

SUN CALM (cream)

Used against skin erythema, inflammation and damage after sun exposure; also, has been used as a sunscreen.

RASH-AID (cream)

Used to reduce itching, skin irritation and edema caused by allergies, insect bites and any other sources.

ACNERID (cream)

Aids in acne spots relief by inhibition of excessive sebum production and has antiseptic effect (against P.acne) and has anti-inflammatory effects.

ANTI-BURNS (cream)

Effective in aiding in soothing first and second-degree burns. It is a pain reducer, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic related to tissue relief.

ANTI-SCARS (cream)

Helpful and effective in aiding in healing a wide variety of scars (e.g., surgical, acne, etc.), burns and stretch marks from pregnancy, weight gain, etc.

As noted above, the Products use predominately natural, herbal ingredients designed to aid in the relief of specific ailments or help people feel better. All of the Products have gone through clinical trials and have proven efficacy. In addition, all Products are approved for sale in various global countries. The Products represent more than 100 man-years of study, work and analysis over an almost 30+ year period by Dr. Omar Said and various staff and advisor members.